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We’ve gathered up the best bits of wearable technology from the first two years of HackSpace magazine for this amazing book. Its 164 pages are packed with step-by-step tutorials and inspirational projects to help you add a unique look to your wardrobe!
Ditch the circuit board, step away from the computer: it’s time to use your tech skills to make your clothes electronic. You’ll find projects for sewing, 3D printing, laser cutting and programming, so whatever medium you choose, you’ll find inspiration and help getting started.
Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 110 | Дата: 24.05.2019 | Комментарии (0)

This book is an accompanying textbook for an introductory course in microprocessing. Using the Arduino IDE platform, it explains introductory electronics, programming, microprocessing, and data collection techniques to allow students to start designing and building their own instruments for research projects. The course starts from a beginner level, assuming no prior knowledge in these areas.
Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 145 | Дата: 04.05.2019 | Комментарии (0)

Create your own stylish, electronics-based wearables?for all experience levels!
This fun TAB guide shows you how to dream up, design, and assemble fashion-forward wearable electronics, garments, and accessories in no time. Make It, Wear It: Wearable Electronics for Makers, Crafters and Cosplayers clearly explains cutting-edge sewing, crafting, and electronics techniques and features a series of easy-to-follow projects using readily-sourced components and tools. You’ll see how to embed the latest technologies into your garments, including Arduino, color sensors, and Bluetooth?you’ll even explore laser cutting and 3D printing!

Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 157 | Дата: 03.01.2019 | Комментарии (0)

A compilation of 100 electronic circuits grouped in ten categories with ready to use printed circuit board designs, parts layouts, circuit design explanation and installation guides.
Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 297 | Дата: 01.11.2018 | Комментарии (0)

Make lights dance to music, play with radio remote control, or build your own metal detector.
Who says the Science Fair has to end? If you love building gadgets, this book belongs on your radar. Here are complete directions for building ten cool creations that involve light, sound, or vibrations -- a weird microphone, remote control gizmos, talking toys, and more, with full parts and tools lists, safety guidelines, and wiring schematics.
Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 275 | Дата: 10.09.2018 | Комментарии (0)

Издание подробно рассказывает о разнообразных вариантах практического применения лавинных, инжекционно-полевых и однопереходных транзисторов, приводятся схемы устройств, использующих динисторы, тиристоры, симисторы, баристоры, туннельные и обращенные диоды.
Не забыты и лямбда-диоды, диоды Ганна, а также варикапы, магнитоуправляемые и фоточувствительные полупроводниковые приборы, переключающие диоды, диодные умножители частоты и генераторы шума. Отдельно рассказывается о применении оптоэлектронных приборов.
Книга содержит свыше 400 схем и может оказаться полезной радиолюбителям и профессионалам различного уровня подготовки в их практической деятельности.
Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 525 | Дата: 13.08.2018 | Комментарии (0)

This book, a collection of hardware-based projects which appeared in Electronics For You from year 1979 to 2004, is brought out for the benefit of our new readers. It is a compilation of 60 construction projects tested at EFY Lab.
The book contains projects with comprehensive functional description, construction details such as PCB and component layouts and parts list. Some projects also cover testing steps, equivalent part names of some hard to find components and lead/pin identification details of semiconductor devices and integrated circuits (ICs).
Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 389 | Дата: 07.07.2018 | Комментарии (0)

The proven Bedini free energy circuit, complete with color photos.

Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 283 | Дата: 12.04.2018 | Комментарии (0)

After ten years, Make: has become one of most celebrated magazines to hit the newsstands, and certainly one of the hottest reads. If you're just catching on to the Maker Movement and wonder what you've missed, this book contains the best projects and articles from the magazine. Find out what keeps Makers coming back to Make: with this assortment of DIY projects and articles selected by Make:'s editors.

Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 332 | Дата: 24.02.2018 | Комментарии (0)

Making Things Smart teaches the fundamentals of the powerful ARM microcontroller by walking beginners and experienced users alike through easily assembled projects comprised of inexpensive, hardware-store parts.
Current ARM programming books take a bland, textbook approach focused on complex, beginner-unfriendly languages like C or ARM Assembler. Making Things Smart uses Espruino (javascript for Hardware), flattening the learning curve.

Категория: Электронные схемы | Просмотров: 389 | Дата: 12.09.2017 | Комментарии (0)

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