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Главная » Силовая электроника
After nearly a decade of success owing to its thorough coverage, abundance of problems and examples, and practical use of simulation and design, Power-Switching Converters enters its second edition with new and updated material, entirely new design case studies, and expanded figures, equations, and homework problems. This textbook is ideal for senior undergraduate or graduate courses in power electronic converters, requiring only systems analysis and basic electronics courses.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 145 | Дата: 24.10.2019 | Комментарии (0)

Power Electronics: Switches and Converters explains the principles and practices of power electronics, electronic switches and converters with the support of illustration and worked examples, guiding the reader from theory to real-life application. Covering insights on industrial applications and practical aspects of power electronic devices and power converter systems, the book is intended for engineers, researchers and students in the field of power electronics who are interested in advanced control of power converters and the exploration of new applications of control theory.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 144 | Дата: 06.10.2019 | Комментарии (0)

This book constitutes a comprehensive overview of the modern power electronics. Various semiconductor power switches are described, complementary components and systems are presented, and power electronic converters that process power for a variety of applications are explained in detail. This third edition updates all chapters, including new concepts in modern power electronics. New to this edition is extended coverage of matrix converters, multilevel inverters, and applications of the Z-source in cascaded power converters.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 116 | Дата: 05.10.2019 | Комментарии (0)

Power drives are used for induction motor control, uninterruptible power supplies, and in electrical vehicles. The increasing penetration of power drives makes their reliability, robustness, and early diagnosis a central point of attention especially in planning, designing, and financing. This book explores fault diagnosis of inverter drives to enable early diagnosis and robust design for efficient long life operation.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 107 | Дата: 01.10.2019 | Комментарии (0)

Embedded systems are one of the foundational elements of today’s evolving and growing computer technology. From operating our cars, managing our smart phones, cleaning our homes, or cooking our meals, the special computers we call embedded systems are quietly and unobtrusively making our lives easier, safer, and more connected. While working in increasingly challenging environments, embedded systems give us the ability to put increasing amounts of capability into ever-smaller and more powerful devices.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 153 | Дата: 23.08.2019 | Комментарии (0)

Control circuits are a key element in the operation and performance of power electronics converters. This book describes practical issues related to the design and implementation of these control circuits, with a focus on the presentation of the state-of-the-art control solutions, including circuit technology, design techniques, and implementation issues.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 168 | Дата: 03.07.2019 | Комментарии (0)

 В пособии изложены принципы действия, методики расчета автономных инверторов однофазного и трехфазного тока. Рассмотрены способы и устройства регулирования выходного напряжения. Большое внимание уделяется рассмотрению и анализу новых разработок преобразователей: активным выпрямителям тока и напряжения и электроприводу с их применением.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 232 | Дата: 06.05.2019 | Комментарии (0)

This book is focused on the fundamental aspects of analysis, modeling and design of digital control loops around high-frequency switched-mode power converters in a systematic and rigorous manner.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 285 | Дата: 14.04.2019 | Комментарии (0)

This book on power electronics spans a wide knowledge base such as power devices, drives, circuit topologies, magnetics, system modeling, control configurations, digital processing, thermal and reliability aspects. The book has been broadly divided into two types of topics viz. (a) circuit-oriented aspects and (b) system-oriented aspects. The first seven chapters deal with circuit-oriented aspects of power electronics systems and the remaining chapters deal with system-oriented aspects like controls and reliability. Table of contents power semiconductor switches drive circuits rectifiers dc-dc linear regulators dc-dc switched-mode converters dc-ac switched-mode converters design of magnetics modeling of systems control system essentials optimal and robust controller design discrete computation essentials thermal aspects reliability modeling reliability prediction.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 257 | Дата: 20.02.2019 | Комментарии (0)

This book describes the operation and analysis of soft-commutated isolated DC-DC converters used in the design of high efficiency and high power density equipment. It explains the basic principles behind first- and second-order circuits with power switches to enable readers to understand the importance of these converters in high efficiency and high power density power supply design for residential, commercial, industrial and medical use as well as in aerospace equipment.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 246 | Дата: 20.01.2019 | Комментарии (0)

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