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Главная » Силовая электроника
В книге излагается современная теория электропривода, включающая описание основных закономерностей электромеханического преобразования энергии, методов исследования механических свойств электроприводов и электродвигателей в установившихся и переходных режимах, способов выбора электродвигателей для производственных механизмов и машин и оценки их энергетических показателей, способов регулирования координат электропривода.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 31 | Дата: 20.10.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Filling the need for a reference that explains the behavior of power electronic converters, this book provides information currently unavailable in similar texts on power electronics.
Clearly organized into four parts, the first treats the dynamics and control of conventional converters, while the second part covers the dynamics and control of DC-DC converters in renewable energy applications, including an introduction to the sources as well as the design of current-fed converters applying duality-transformation methods. The third part treats the dynamics and control of three-phase rectifiers in voltage-sourced applications, and the final part looks at the dynamics and control of three-phase inverters in renewable-energy applications.
With its future-oriented perspective and advanced, first-hand knowledge, this is a prime resource for researchers and practicing engineers needing a ready reference on the design and control of power electronic converters.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 34 | Дата: 15.10.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Power Electronics Handbook, Fourth Edition, brings together over 100 years of combined experience in the specialist areas of power engineering to offer a fully revised and updated expert guide to total power solutions. Designed to provide the best technical and most commercially viable solutions available, this handbook undertakes any or all aspects of a project requiring specialist design, installation, commissioning and maintenance services. 
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 52 | Дата: 28.09.2017 | Комментарии (0)

This is the definitive reference for anyone involved in pulsewidth modulated DC-to-DC power conversion Pulsewidth Modulated DC-to-DC Power Conversion: Circuits, Dynamics, and Control Designs provides engineers, researchers, and students in the power electronics field with comprehensive and complete guidance to understanding pulsewidth modulated (PWM) DC-to-DC power converters.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 87 | Дата: 16.09.2017 | Комментарии (0)

This contributed volume is written by key specialists working in multidisciplinary fields in electrical engineering, linking control theory, power electronics, artificial neural networks, embedded controllers and signal processing. The authors of each chapter report the state of the art of the various topics addressed and present results of their own research, laboratory experiments and successful applications.

Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 57 | Дата: 16.09.2017 | Комментарии (0)

Power converters are at the heart of modern power electronics. From automotive power systems to propulsion for large ships, their use permeates through industrial, commercial, military, and aerospace applications of various scales. Having reached a point of saturation where we are unlikely to see many new and revolutionary technologies, industry now seeks to optimize and standardize the performance of these devices. Power-Switching Converters: Medium and High Power examines the characteristics and operating principles of these systems in terms of how to increase their efficiency and produce them at lower cost.

Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 80 | Дата: 09.09.2017 | Комментарии (0)

This sourcebook contains 50 practical electronic circuits for power supply applications. It contains circuits designed as voltage regulators, limiters, current sources, monitors, converters, inverters, and some auxiliary circuits commonly used in power supply devices. You can combine several circuits into one large module to create a powerful electronic device specially designed for your exclusive project. Most circuits are in the voltage regulator category while some are auxiliary that can enhance or protect the power supply circuits.

Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 100 | Дата: 02.09.2017 | Комментарии (0)

This book describes how to design circuits in power electronics systems using a reliability approach in three-level topologies, which have many advantages in terms of the current total harmonic distortion and efficiency.
Such converter types are increasingly used in large power applications and photovoltaics (PV), therefore research on improvements in the reliability of such systems using multi-level topologies has become important. Four studies for reliability improvement are contained in this book: an open-circuited switch fault detection scheme, tolerance control for an open-circuited switch fault, neutral-point voltage ripple reduction, and leakage current reduction. This book treats not only the topology, but also the fault tolerance and the reduction of the ripples and leakage. This book is aimed at advanced students of electrical engineering and power electronics specialists.

Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 38 | Дата: 01.09.2017 | Комментарии (0)

В данном справочнике кратко рассмотрены принципы построения и работа источников питания телевизоров. Основной упор сделан на рассмотрение конкретных схем с приведением необходимых пояснительных материалов. Рассмотрены наиболее распространенные модели телевизоров.
Схемы источников питания систематизированы по применяемой для их построения элементной базе. Имеется алфавитный каталог рассмотренных телевизоров, который поможет быстро найти необходимую схему.
Книга адресована специалистам, занимающимся ремонтом телевизионной техники, будет полезна для подготовленных радиолюбителей, которые самостоятельно ремонтируют или модернизируют телевизионную технику.
Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 103 | Дата: 26.08.2017 | Комментарии (0)

This comprehensive resource presents the fundamentals of power systems, including the theory, practical steps, and methods used in the design and management of energy systems. Readers are provided with a uniquely comprehensive derivation of power electronics and will find practical advice based on actual occurrences in the field using real life scenarios.
This book offers a direct mathematical approach for models of the main components in an electrical power system. This resource gives insight into power transformer modeling, transmission line and cable modeling, transmission line load ability, power flows, and real and reactive power and frequency control. General fault studies in electrical power systems and state estimation in electrical power systems are also explored.

Категория: Силовая электроника | Просмотров: 41 | Дата: 11.08.2017 | Комментарии (0)

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